Site Etiquette

    We believe in creating a community of trust and respect for all users. In order to ensure that this is the case, we have a comprehensive Social Standards Policy which outlines what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

    In addition to this, we also want to ensure that everyone is treated with courtesy and respect. To that end, we have some general site rules which we would like everyone to follow:

    • Do not private message someone without engaging with them on the site first or asking permission to message them (cold messaging)
    • Do not request to be friends with someone you don't know personally and haven't interacted with on the site or asked for permission first (cold friend requests)
    • Do not request access to private photos/videos if you have not interacted with the user on the site or engaged in conversation etc with them.
    • Do not send unsolicited private messages asking to see their genitalia or to show your genitalia
    • Do not request to be friends with someone for the sole purpose of being able to send them lewd messages

    Although these may not specifically breach our policies, continued unsolicited behaviour as described above could be deemed toxic, spam or abusive and therefore become a breach of our policies.




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