Altlife.Community Social Standards

Social Standards

The following outlines the behaviour and conduct that users agree to abide by while using and interacting with all Alt Life Community products and services.

Our commitment 

The goal of our Social Standards is to create a safe place for expression and give people a voice.

Altlife.Community wants people to be able to talk openly about the issues that matter to them, express themselves openly and access information, resources and education.

Our commitment to a safe space, with no shame and no judgement is paramount, but we recognise that the Internet creates new and increased opportunities for abuse. For these reasons, when we limit expression, we do it in service of one or more of the following values:

NO SHAME We want to make sure that the content people see on Altlife.Community is authentic. We believe that authenticity creates a better environment for sharing, and that's why we don't want people using Altlife.Community to misrepresent who they are or what they're doing.

SAFETY We're committed to making Altlife.Community a safe place. We remove content that could contribute to a risk of harm to the physical security of persons. Content that threatens people has the potential to intimidate, exclude or silence others and isn't allowed on Altlife.Community. We also remove content that represents unsafe practices.

PRIVACY We're committed to protecting personal privacy and information. Privacy gives people the freedom to be themselves, choose how and when to share on Altlife.Community and connect more easily.

NO JUDGEMENT We believe that all people are equal in dignity and rights. We expect that people will respect the dignity of others and not harass or degrade others.


General conduct and behaviour standards:

We reserve the right to remove content, restrict, ban or deactive users who we believe are in breach of our Terms, Social Standards or any other policy. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate, unsafe or abusive behaviour and conduct on Alt Life Community products, services and features. 

By using our products and services you agree to the following general principles:

  • You will use the products and services in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations. 
  • You will not block any administrator or moderator of the site. 
  • You will remain respectful to other users, administrators and moderators.
  • You will comply with all Terms and Policies of the Alt Life Community Products and Services.
  • You will ensure all your interactions are founded on safety, consent and inclusiveness. 


Threats of Harm and violence

We aim to prevent potential offline harm that may be related to content on Altlife.Community. While we understand that people commonly express disdain or disagreement by threatening or calling for violence in non-serious ways, we remove language that incites or facilitates serious violence. We remove content, disable accounts and work with law enforcement when we believe that there is a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety. We also try to consider the language and context in order to distinguish casual statements from content that constitutes a credible threat to public or personal safety. In determining whether a threat is credible, we may also consider additional information such as a person's public visibility and the risks to their physical safety.

In some cases, we see aspirational or conditional threats directed at terrorists and other violent actors (e.g. terrorists deserve to be killed), and we deem those as non-credible absent-specific evidence to the contrary.


❌Do not post:

Threats that could lead to death (and other forms of high-severity violence) and admission of past violence targeting people or places where threat is defined as any of the following:

  • Statements of intent to commit high-severity violence. This includes content where a symbol represents the target and/or includes a visual of an armament or method to represent violence.
  • Calls for high-severity violence, including content where no target is specified but a symbol represents the target and/or includes a visual of an armament or method that represents violence.
  • Statements advocating for high-severity violence.
  • Aspirational or conditional statements to commit high-severity violence.
  • Statements admitting to committing high-severity violence except when shared in a context of redemption, self-defence or when committed by law enforcement, military or state security personnel.

(note threats is to mean non-consensual acts of harm or violence)

  • Content that asks, admits to offering or offers services for hire to kill others (for example, hitmen, mercenaries, assassins) or advocates for the use of a hitman, mercenary or assassin against a target
  • Admissions, statements of intent or advocacy, calls to action or aspirational or conditional statements to kidnap or abduct a target or that promotes, supports or advocates for kidnapping or abduction
  • Content that depicts kidnappings or abductions if it is clear that the content is not being shared for the purposes of entertainment or education.
  • Threats of high-severity violence using digitally produced or altered imagery to target living people with armaments, methods of violence or dismemberment


Threats that lead to serious injury (mid-severity violence) and admission of past violence toward private individuals, unnamed specified persons, minor public figures, high-risk persons or high-risk groups where threat is defined as any of the following:

  • Statements of intent to commit violence or
  • Statements advocating violence or
  • Calls for mid-severity violence. including content where no target is specified but a symbol represents the target, or
  • Aspirational or conditional statements to commit violence or
  • Statements admitting to committing mid-severity violence except when shared in a context of redemption, self-defence, fight-sports context or when committed by law enforcement, military or state security personnel.


Content about other target(s) apart from private individuals, minor public figures, high-risk persons or high-risk groups and any credible:

  • Statements of intent to commit violence or
  • Calls for action of violence or
  • Statements advocating for violence or
  • Aspirational or conditional statements to commit violence


Threats that lead to physical harm (or other forms of lower-severity violence) towards private individuals (self-reporting required) or minor public figures, where threat is defined as any of the following:

  • Private individuals (name and/or face match are required) or minor public figures that includes:
    • Statements of intent or advocacy, calls for action, aspirational or conditional statements to commit low-severity violence


Instructions on how to make or use weapons if there is evidence of a goal to seriously injure or kill people through:

  • Language explicitly stating that goal, or
  • Photos or videos that show or simulate the end result (serious injury or death) as part of the instruction.
  • Unless the aforementioned content is shared as part of recreational self defence, for military training purposes, commercial video games or news coverage (posted by a Page or with a news logo).


Providing instructions on how to make or use explosives, unless there is clear context that the content is for a non-violent purpose (for example, part of commercial video games, clear scientific/educational purpose, fireworks or specifically for fishing)

Any content containing statements of intent, calls for action, conditional or aspirational statements, or advocating for violence due to voting, voter registration or the administration or outcome of an election

Statements of intent or advocacy, calls to action or aspirational or conditional statements to bring weapons to locations, including, but not limited to, places of worship, educational facilities, polling places or locations used to count votes or administer an election (or encouraging others to do the same).


Do not post content that falls into the following categories:

Harm against animals

Statements of intent, calls to action, representing, supporting or advocating for, or depicting, admitting to or promoting:

  • Acts of physical harm against animals committed by you or your associates except in cases of hunting, fishing, religious sacrifice, food preparation or processing, pest or vermin, self-defence or redemption.
  • Staged animal vs animal fights, including acts committed by a third party.


Harm against property

Statements of intent, calls to action, representing, supporting or advocating for harm against property that depicts, admits to or promotes the following acts committed by you or your associates:

  • Hacking when the intent is to hijack a domain, corrupt or disrupt cyber systems, seek ransoms or gain unauthorised access to data systems.
  • Theft when committed by you or your associates, as well as positive statements about theft when committed by a third party.


Suicide and Self harm

We care deeply about the safety of the people who use our Products. We have created spaces where you can obtain information for help locally as well as spaces in our Forum and Group areas to network and support with others in the community. 


While we don't allow people to intentionally or unintentionally celebrate or promote suicide or self-injury, we do allow people to discuss these topics because we want Altlife.Community to be a space where people can share their experiences, raise awareness about these issues and seek support from one another.


We define self-injury as the intentional and direct injuring of the body, including self-mutilation and eating disorders. We remove any content that encourages suicide or self-injury, including fictional content such as memes or illustrations and any self-injury content that is graphic, regardless of context. We also remove content that identifies and negatively targets victims or survivors of suicide or self-injury seriously, humorously or rhetorically, as well as real-time depictions of suicide or self-injury. Content about recovery of suicide or self-harm that is allowed, but may contain imagery that could be upsetting, such as a healed scar, is placed behind a sensitivity screen.


We have areas where we have provided information for organisations that can provide support and if someone is at immediate risk of harming themselves, we will contact local emergency services to get them help. 


Child abuse, exploitation

We do not allow content that directly, indirectly or could sexually exploit or endanger children.

When we become aware of apparent child exploitation, we report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and other authorities around the world, in compliance with applicable laws. We know that sometimes, people share images of their own children with good intentions; however, we will remove these images because of the potential for abuse by others and to help avoid the possibility of other people re-using or misappropriating the images.


Do not post:

Content that depicts a child or chidlren

We will remove any and all content that depicts a child or children, whether their face is visible or not. This includes content found on profiles, in private albums, in forums, groups, topics, events, businesses, online store etc


Child sexual exploitation

Content that threatens, depicts, praises, supports, provides instructions for, makes statements of intent, admits participation in or shares links of the sexual exploitation of children (real or non-real minors, toddlers or babies), including, but not limited to:

  • Sexual intercourse
    • Explicit sexual intercourse or oral sex, defined as mouth or genitals entering or in contact with another person's genitals or anus, where at least one person's genitals are nude.
    • Implied sexual intercourse or oral sex, including when contact is imminent or not directly visible.
    • Stimulation of genitals or anus, including when activity is imminent or not directly visible.
    • Presence of by-products of sexual activity.
    • Any of the above involving an animal.
  • Children with sexual elements, including, but not limited to:
    • Focus on genitals.
    • Presence of aroused adult.
    • Presence of sex toys.
    • Sexualised costume.
    • Staged environment (for example, on a bed) or professionally shot (quality/focus/angles).
    • Open-mouth kissing.
  • Content of children in a sexual fetish context.
  • Content that supports, promotes, advocates or encourages participation in paedophilia, unless it is discussed neutrally in an academic or verified health context.
  • Content that identifies or mocks alleged victims of child sexual exploitation by name or image.



Content that solicits

  • Child sexual abuse material (CSAM)
  • Nude imagery of children
  • Sexualised imagery of children
  • Real-world sexual encounters with children


Inappropriate interactions with children

Content that constitutes or facilitates inappropriate interactions with children, such as:

  • Arranging or planning real-world sexual encounters with children
  • Purposefully exposing children to sexually explicit language or sexual material
  • Engaging in implicitly sexual conversations in private messages with children
  • Obtaining or requesting sexual material from children in private messages


Exploitative intimate imagery and sextortion

Content that attempts to exploit minors by:

  • Coercing money, favours or intimate imagery with threats to expose intimate imagery or information.
  • Sharing, threatening or stating an intent to share private sexual conversations or intimate imagery.


Sexualisation of children

Content that solicits imagery of child sexual exploitation, or nude or sexualised images or videos of children, including written content

  • Content (including photos, videos, real-world art, digital content and verbal and written depictions) that shows children in a sexualised context.
  • Groups, Pages and profiles targeted at sexualising children.


Child nudity

Content that depicts child nudity where nudity is defined as:

  • Close-ups of children's genitalia
  • Real nude toddlers, showing:
    • Visible genitalia, even when covered or obscured by transparent clothing.
    • Visible anus and/or fully nude close-up of buttocks.
  • Real nude minors, showing:
    • Visible genitalia (including genitalia obscured only by pubic hair or transparent clothing)
    • Visible anus and/or fully nude close-up of buttocks.
    • Uncovered female nipples.
    • No clothes from neck to knee – even if no genitalia or female nipples are showing.
  • Digitally-created depictions of nude minors, toddlers or babies, unless the image is for health or educational purposes.


Non-sexual child abuse

Imagery that depicts non-sexual child abuse regardless of sharing intent

Content that praises, supports, promotes, advocates for, provides instructions for or encourages participation in non-sexual child abuse.


Adult sexual exploitation

We recognise the importance of Altlife.Community as a place to be able to discuss and draw attention to abuse, sexual violence and exploitation.

In an effort to create space for this conversation and promote a safe environment, we allow victims to share their experiences, but remove content that depicts, threatens or promotes non-consenual sexual violence, sexual assault or sexual exploitation. We also remove content that displays, advocates for or coordinates sexual acts with non-consenting parties to avoid facilitating non-consensual sexual acts.


Do not post:

In instances where content consists of any form of non-consensual sexual touching, necrophilia or forced stripping, including:

  • Depictions (including real photos/videos except in a real-world art context), or
  • Sharing, offering, asking for or threatening to share imagery, or
  • Descriptions, unless shared by or in support of the victim/survivor, or
  • Advocacy (including aspirational and conditional statements), or
  • Statements of intent, or
  • Calls for action, or
  • Admitting participation, or
  • Mocking victims of any of the above.

Content that attempts to exploit people by any of the following:

  • Sextortion: Coercing money, favours or intimate imagery from people with threats to expose their intimate imagery or intimate information
  • Sharing, threatening, stating an intent to share, offering or asking for non-consensual intimate imagery that fulfils all of the three following conditions:
    • Imagery is non-commercial or produced in a private setting.
    • Person in the imagery is (near) nude, engaged in sexual activity or in a sexual pose.
    • Lack of consent to share the imagery is indicated by meeting any of the signals:
      • Vengeful context (such as caption, comments or Page title).
      • Independent sources (such as law enforcement record) including entertainment media (such as leak of images confirmed by media).
      • A visible match between the person depicted in the image and the person who has reported the content to us.
      • The person who reported the content to us shares the same name as the person depicted in the image.
    • Secretly taken non-commercial imagery of a real person's commonly sexualised body parts (breasts, groin, buttocks or thighs) or of a real person engaged in sexual activity. This imagery is commonly known as "creepshots" or "upskirts" and includes photos or videos that mock, sexualise or expose the person depicted in the imagery.
    • Threatening or stating an intent to share private sexual conversations that meet the following criteria:
      • Lack of consent is indicated by:
        • Vengeful context and/or threatening context, or
        • A visible match between the person depicted in the image and the person who has reported the content to us.
        • The person who reported the content to us shares the same name as the person depicted in the image.


Spamming sexual services or content including:

To ensure that we maintain our founding principles of consent, education, safety and inclusions, we have included spaces in profiles, blogs, forums, AskAltlife, Business Directory etc that allow sex workers to promote thier work/links and talk about themselves, their services etc. The following however is not permitted:

  • unsolicitored mesasges to businesses/users asking for or offering sexual services
  • Posts, Comments etc offering/asking for sexual services out of context for the original post/content etc
  • Multiple comments, posts, content asking/offering sexual services 
  • Advertising sexual services outside of designated advertising areas on the site. 


Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and harassment happen in many places and come in many different forms, from making threats and releasing personally identifiable information to sending threatening messages and making unwanted malicious contact. We do not tolerate this kind of behaviour because it prevents people from feeling safe and respected on Altlife.Community.


Tier 1: Target anyone maliciously by:

  • Repeatedly contacting someone in a manner that is:
    • Unwanted or
    • Sexually harassing or
    • Directed at a large number of individuals with no prior solicitation.
  • Attacking someone based on their status as a victim of sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment or domestic abuse.
  • Targeted deadnaming or misgendering of transgender individuals
  • Calling for self-injury or suicide of a specific person or group of people.
  • Attacking someone through derogatory terms related to sexual activity (e.g. whore, slut).
  • Posting content about a violent tragedy, or victims of violent tragedies that include claims that a violent tragedy did not occur.
  • Posting content about victims or survivors of violent tragedies or terrorist attacks by name or by image, with claims that they are:
    • Acting/pretending to be a victim of an event.
    • Otherwise paid or employed to mislead people about their role in the event.
  • Threatening to release an individual's private phone number, residential address or email address.
  • Making statements of intent to engage in a sexual activity or advocating for them to engage in a sexual activity.
  • Making severe sexualised commentary
  • Sharing derogatory sexualised photoshopped imagery or drawings
  • Calling for, or making statements of intent to engage in, bullying and/or harassment.
  • Posting content that further degrades or expresses disgust towards individuals who are depicted in the process of, or right after, menstruating, urinating, vomiting or defecating
  • Creating Pages or groups that are dedicated to attacking individual(s) by:
    • Calling for death, or to contract or develop a medical condition.
    • Making statements of intent of advocating to engage in sexual activity.
    • Making claims that the individual has or may have a sexually transmitted disease.
    • Sexualising another adult.
  • Sending messages that contain the following attacks when aimed at an individual or group of individuals in the thread:
    • detailed in this complete list
    • Targeted cursing.
    • Calls for death, serious disease, disability, epidemic disease or physical harm.
  • Calls for death, or to contract or develop a medical condition.
  • Female-gendered cursing terms when used in a derogatory way.
  • Claims about sexual activity or sexually transmitted diseases except in the context of criminal allegations against adults about non-consensual sexual touching.
  • Pages or groups created to attack through:
    • Targeted cursing.
    • Negative physical descriptions.
    • Claims about religious identity or blasphemy.
    • Expressions of contempt or disgust.
    • Female-gendered cursing terms when used in a derogatory way.
    • LGBTQIA+ cursing terms used in a derogatory way
  • Comparisons to animals or insects that are culturally perceived as intellectually or physically inferior or to an inanimate object ("cow", "monkey", "potato").
  • Content manipulated to highlight, circle or otherwise negatively draw attention to specific physical characteristics (nose, ear and so on).
  • Attacks through negative physical descriptions.
  • Content that ranks individuals on physical appearance or personality.
  • Content sexualising another adult without consent.
  • Content that further degrades individuals who are depicted as being physically bullied except in self-defence and fight-sport contexts.
  • In addition to the above, attacks through Pages or groups:
    • Negative character or ability claims.
    • First-person voice bullying only if the object targets more than one private individual.
  • Coordination, advocacy or promotion of exclusion.
  • Negative character or ability claims, except in the context of criminal allegations and business reviews against adults. We allow criminal allegations so that people can draw attention to personal experiences or offline events. In cases in which criminal allegations pose offline harm to the named individual, however, we may remove them.
  • Expressions of contempt or disgust, except in the context of criminal allegations against adults.
  • First-person voice bullying.
  • Unwanted manipulated imagery.
  • Comparison to other public, fictional or private individuals on the basis of physical appearance
  • Claims about religious identity or blasphemy.
  • Comparisons to animals or insects that are not culturally perceived as intellectually or physically inferior ("tiger", "lion").
  • Neutral or positive physical descriptions.
  • Non-negative character or ability claims.
  • Any bullying or harassment violation, when shared in an endearing context.
  • Attacks through derogatory terms related to a lack of sexual activity.


Privacy Violations

Privacy and the protection of personal information are fundamentally important values for Altlife.Community. We work hard to safeguard your personal identity and information and we do not allow people to post personal or confidential information about yourself or of others.

We remove content that shares, offers or solicits personally identifiable information or other private information that could lead to physical or financial harm, including financial, residential and medical information, as well as private information obtained from illegal sources. We also recognise that private information may become publicly available through news coverage, court filings, press releases or other sources. When that happens, we may allow the information to be posted.

We also provide people with ways to report imagery that they believe to be in violation of their privacy rights.


Do not post:

Content that shares or solicits any of the following private information, either on Altlife.Community, Altlife.Chat or through external links:


Personally identifiable information about yourself or others

  • Personal identity: identifying individuals through government-issued numbers.
    • National identification number (for example Social Security Number (SSN), passport number, National Insurance/Health Service Number, Personal Public Service Number (PPS), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)).
    • Government IDs of law enforcement, military or security personnel.
  • Personal information: directly identifying an individual, by indicating the ID number or registration information and the individual's name.
    • Records or official documentation of civil registry information (marriage, birth, death, name change or gender recognition and so on).
    • Immigration and work status documents (for example, green cards, work permits, visas or immigration papers).
    • Driving licences or licence plates, except when licence plates are shared to facilitate in finding missing people or animals.
    • Credit Privacy Number (CPN).
  • Digital identity: authenticating access to an online identity
    • Email addresses with passwords.
    • Digital identities with passwords.
    • Passwords, pins or codes to access private information.
    • Social media handles on profiles


Other private information

  • Personal contact information of others such as phone numbers, addresses and email addresses, except when shared or solicited to promote charitable causes, find missing people, animals or objects, or contact business service providers.
  • Financial information.
    • Personal financial information about yourself or others, including:
      • Non-public financial records or statements.
      • Bank account numbers with security or pin codes.
      • Digital payment method information with login details, security or pin codes.
      • Credit or debit card information with validity dates or security pins or codes.
    • Financial information about businesses or organisations, unless originally shared by the organisation itself, including:
      • Financial records or statements except when the financial records of the business are publicly available (for example, listed on stock exchanges or regulatory agencies etc.)
      • Bank account numbers accompanied by security or pin codes.
      • Digital payment method information accompanied by login details, security or pin codes.
    • Residential information
      • Imagery that displays the external view of private residences if all of the following conditions apply:
        • The residence is a single-family home, or the resident's unit number is identified in the image/caption.
        • The city/neighbourhood or GPS pin (for example, a pin from Google Maps) are identified.
        • The content identifies the resident(s).
        • That same resident objects to the exposure of their private residence, or there is context of organising protests against the resident (this does not include embassies that also serve as residences).
      • Content that exposes information about safe houses by sharing any of the below, unless the safe house is actively promoting information about their facility
        • Actual address (note: "Post Box only" is allowed).
        • Images of the safe house.
        • Identifiable city/neighbourhood of the safe house.
        • Information exposing the identity of the safe house residents.
      • Medical information
        • Records or official documentation displaying medical, psychological, biometric or genetic hereditary of others.
      • Information obtained from hacked sources.
        • Except in limited cases of newsworthiness, content claimed or confirmed to come from a hacked source, regardless of whether the affected person is a public figure or a private individual.


The following content also may be removed:

  • A reported photo or video or written content of people where the person depicted in the image is:
    • A minor under the age of 18
    • An adult, where the content was reported by the adult from outside the United States and applicable law may provide rights to removal.
    • Any person who is incapacitated and unable to report the content on their own
    • Any content that we deem is inappropriate or in breach of of the Social Standards


Hate Speech

We believe that people use their voice and connect more freely when they don't feel attacked on the basis of who they are. That is why we don't allow hate speech on Altlife.Community. It creates an environment of intimidation and exclusion, and in some cases may promote offline violence.

We define hate speech as a direct attack against people – rather than concepts or institutions – on the basis of what we call protected characteristics: race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, religious affiliation, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity and serious disease. We define attacks as violent or dehumanising speech, harmful stereotypes, statements of inferiority, expressions of contempt, disgust or dismissal, cursing and calls for exclusion or segregation. We also prohibit the use of harmful stereotypes, which we define as dehumanising comparisons that have historically been used to attack, intimidate or exclude specific groups, and that are often linked with offline violence. We consider age a protected characteristic when referenced along with another protected characteristic. We also protect refugees, migrants, immigrants and asylum seekers from the most severe attacks, though we do allow commentary and criticism of immigration policies. Similarly, we provide some protections for characteristics such as occupation, when they're referenced along with a protected characteristic. Sometimes, based on local nuance, we consider certain words or phrases as code words for PC groups.

We recognise that people sometimes share content that includes someone else's hate speech to condemn it or raise awareness. In other cases, speech that might otherwise violate our standards can be used self-referentially or in an empowering way. Our policies are designed to allow room for these types of speech, but we require people to clearly indicate their intent. If the intention is unclear, we may remove content.


Do not post:

Tier 1

Content targeting a person or group of people on the basis of their aforementioned protected characteristic(s) or immigration status with:

  • Violent speech or support in written or visual form
  • Dehumanising speech or imagery in the form of comparisons, generalisations or unqualified behavioural statements (in written or visual form) to or about:
    • Animals that are culturally perceived as intellectually or physically inferior.
    • Filth, bacteria, disease and faeces.
    • Sexual predator.
    • Violent and sexual criminals
    • Other criminals (including, but not limited to, "thieves", "bank robbers" or saying "All [protected characteristic or quasi-protected characteristic] are 'criminals'").
    • Statements denying existence.
  • Mocking the concept, events or victims of hate crimes, even if no real person is depicted in an image.
  • Designated dehumanising comparisons, generalisations or behavioural statements (in written or visual form) that include:
    • Black people and apes or ape-like creatures.
    • Black people and farm equipment.
    • Caricatures of Black people in the form of blackface.
    • Jewish people and rats.
    • Jewish people running the world or controlling major institutions such as media networks, the economy or the government.
    • Denying or distorting information about the Holocaust.
    • Muslim people and pigs.
    • Muslim person and sexual relations with goats or pigs.
    • Mexican people and worm-like creatures.
    • Women as household objects or referring to women as property or "objects".
    • Transgender or non-binary people referred to as "it".
    • Dalits, scheduled caste or "lower caste" people as menial labourers.


Tier 2

Content targeting a person or group of people on the basis of their protected characteristic(s) with:

  • Generalisations that state inferiority (in written or visual form) in the following ways:
    • Physical deficiencies are defined as those about:
      • Hygiene, including, but not limited to: filthy, dirty, smelly.
      • Physical appearance, including, but not limited to: ugly, hideous.
    • Mental deficiencies are defined as those about:
      • Intellectual capacity, including, but not limited to: dumb, stupid, idiots.
      • Education, including, but not limited to: illiterate, uneducated.
      • Mental health, including, but not limited to: mentally ill, retarded, crazy, insane.
    • Moral deficiencies are defined as those about:
      • Character traits culturally perceived as negative, including, but not limited to: coward, liar, arrogant, ignorant.
      • Derogatory terms related to sexual activity, including, but not limited to: whore, slut, perverts.
    • Other statements of inferiority, which we define as:
      • Expressions about being less than adequate, including, but not limited to: worthless, useless.
      • Expressions about being better/worse than another protected characteristic, including, but not limited to: "I believe that males are superior to females."
      • Expressions about deviating from the norm, including, but not limited to: freaks, abnormal.
    • Expressions of contempt (in written or visual form), which we define as:
      • Self-admission to intolerance on the basis of protected characteristics, including, but not limited to: homophobic, islamophobic, racist.
      • Expressions that a protected characteristic shouldn't exist.
      • Expressions of hate, including, but not limited to: despise, hate.
    • Expressions of dismissal, including, but not limited to: don't respect, don't like, don't care for
    • Expressions of disgust (in written or visual form), which we define as:
      • Expressions suggesting that the target causes sickness, including, but not limited to: vomit, throw up.
      • Expressions of repulsion or distaste, including, but not limited to: vile, disgusting, yuck.
    • Cursing, except certain gender-based cursing in a romantic break-up context, defined as:
      • Referring to the target as genitalia or anus, including, but not limited to: cunt, dick, asshole.
      • Profane terms or phrases with the intent to insult, including, but not limited to: fuck, bitch, motherfucker.
      • Terms or phrases calling for engagement in sexual activity, or contact with genitalia, anus, faeces or urine, including, but not limited to: suck my dick, kiss my ass, eat shit.


Tier 3

Content targeting a person or group of people on the basis of their protected characteristic(s) with any of the following:

  • Segregation in the form of calls for action, statements of intent, aspirational or conditional statements, or statements advocating or supporting segregation.
  • Exclusion in the form of calls for action, statements of intent, aspirational or conditional statements, or statements advocating or supporting, defined as
    • Explicit exclusion, which means things such as expelling certain groups or saying they are not allowed.
    • Political exclusion, which means denying the right to political participation.
    • Economic exclusion, which means denying access to economic entitlements and limiting participation in the labour market.
    • Social exclusion, which means things such as denying access to spaces (physical and online) and social services, except for gender-based exclusion in health and positive support groups.


Content that describes or negatively targets people with slurs, where slurs are defined as words that are inherently offensive and used as insulting labels for the above characteristics.


Violent, Graphic, Adult Sexual content

Content that depict consensual graphic content, consensual humiliation of others, consensual nudity or consensual sexual activity is allowed to be uploaded to Altlife.Community only in designated private albums, private groups and other designated areas etc.

Content that falls under this category is not to be uploaded to the main newsfeed, stories or SFW (safe for work) forums and groups. Content uploaded in areas that have not been designated as NSFW or Private will be removed or moved and the user will be notified of their responsibilites to post content in the correct areas, continued posting of NSFW content in public areas may result in the user being restricted or banned. 


Sexual Exploitation

We recognise the importance of and allow for this discussion.

We also allow for the discussion of sex worker rights advocacy and sex work regulation.

We draw the line, however, when content facilitates, encourages or coordinates sexual encounters or commercial sexual services between non-consenting adults. We do this to avoid facilitating transactions that may involve trafficking, coercion and non-consensual sexual acts and to comply with various laws in different countries.


Do not post:

Content that offers or asks for adult commercial services, such as requesting, offering or asking for rates for escort service and paid sexual fetish or domination services, outside approved areas of discussion.


Attempted coordination of or recruitment for adult sexual activities, except when promoting an event or venue, including, but not limited to:

  • Filmed sexual activities.
  • Pornographic activities, strip club shows, live sex performances or erotic dances.
  • Sexual, erotic or tantric massages.


Publicly viewable explicit sexual solicitation, outside of designated and accepted areas on the site, by, including, but not limited to, the following, offering or asking for:

  • Offering or asking for sex or sexual partners (including partners who share fetish or sexual interests).
  • Sex chat or conversations.
  • Nude photos/videos/imagery


We allow expressing desire for sexual activity, promoting sex education, discussing sexual practices or experiences, or offering classes or programmes that teach techniques or discuss sex in approved designated areas on the platform.

A public offer or ask for pornographic material/services (including, but not limited to, sharing of links to external pornographic websites) outside of dedicated areas on the site.

Sexually explicit language that goes into graphic detail beyond mere reference to:

  • A state of sexual arousal (e.g wetness or erection) or
  • An act of sexual intercourse (e.g sexual penetration, self-pleasuring or exercising fetish scenarios).
  • Except for content shared in a humorous, satirical or educational context, as a sexual or or as sexual cursing.



We work hard to limit the spread of spam because we do not want to allow content that is designed to deceive, or that attempts to mislead users to increase viewership. This content creates a negative user experience, detracts from people's ability to engage authentically in online communities, and can threaten the security, stability and usability of our services. We also aim to prevent people from abusing our platform, products or features to artificially increase viewership or distribute content en masse for commercial gain.


Do not:

  • Post, share, engage with content, or create accounts, groups, pages, events or other assets, either manually or automatically, at very high frequencies.
  • Unsolicitored messages to multiple users.
  • Attempt to or successfully sell, buy or exchange site privileges or product features, such as accounts, admin roles, permission to post, pages, groups, likes etc.
  • Require or claim that users are required to engage with content (e.g. liking, sharing) before they are able to view or interact with promised content.
  • Encourage likes, shares, follows, clicks or the use of apps or websites under false pretences, such as:
    • Offering false or non-existent services or functionality(e.g. "Get a 'Dislike' button!")
    • Failing to direct to promised content (e.g. "Click here for a discount code at Nordstrom"; false play buttons)
    • Directing users off of Altlife.Community through the deceptive or misleading use of URLs, defined as:
      • Cloaking: Presenting different content to Altlife.Community users and Altlife.Community crawlers or tools.
      • Misleading content: Content contains a link that promises one type of content but delivers something substantially different.
      • Deceptive pop-up websites: Websites that require an action (captcha, watch ad, click here) in order to view the expected landing page content and the domain name of the URL changes after the required action is complete.
      • Like/share-gating: Landing pages that require users to like, share or otherwise engage with content before gaining access to off-Altlife.Community content.
      • Deceptive landing page functionality: Websites that have a misleading user interface, which results in accidental traffic being generated (pop-ups/unders, clickjacking etc.)
      • Impersonation:The website pretends to be a reputable brand or service by using a name, domain or content featuring typos, misspellings or other means to impersonate well-known brands  using a landing page similar to another trusted site to mislead visitors).
      • And other behaviours that are substantially similar to those listed above.


Breaches of Social Standards Policy

Any user who is found to be in-breach of the Social Standards policy, or the Terms or any other policy may be subject to the following:

  • Account restrictions: A users account may be restricted, this can be a complete restriction, or partial restrictions for example, restricted from creating Groups or participating in the Forum. Restrictions can be time limited or permanent. 
  • Account deactivation: A users account may be deactivated for a specified period of time for the purposes of investigations or as a result of breaches of Terms and policies. 
  • Account Banning and deletion: For serious breaches of the Terms and Social Standards and other policies, a user may have thier account deleted and banned from being able to create subsequent accounts. 

The recourse for breaches will be at the sole discretion of the Altlife.Community Administrators based on the seriousness of the breach and the public interest and safety of the community.  More information regarding paid members breaching Terms and Policies can be found in the Membership Payment Terms.

Altlife.Community Administrators will respond and action any reports receive about content or users who are in breach of these Social Standards, Privacy Policy and General Terms of Services within 24hours. 



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