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About Altlife.Community

Altlife.Community (ABN: 28 748 299 394) is an online alternative lifestyle community platform for adults.  It is founded on the principles of safety, consent, education and inclusiveness. Unlike other community sites for those who live and engage in alternative lifestyle practices, We strive to provide members a safe space, to explore, network and connect with other likeminded people and groups.

The platform has been developed with the alternative lifestyle community in mind, recognizing that the community is made up of various subgroups and genres. We also recognize that within the community there is a growing need for moderation and vetting to ensure that members are not subjected to unsafe, abusive and toxic behaviour.  

The business is striving to change the society perspective on alternative lifestyle communities and change the internal culture of alternative lifestyle communities to create safer spaces and platforms.

Mission Statement

To provide inclusive, safe, and educational products and services to alternative lifestyle communities. 

Vision Statement

A network where everyone can be themselves.

Products and Services

  • Altlife.Community
  • Altlife.Chat
  • Altlife.Events
  • Altlife.Education
  • Altlife.Store
  • Altlife.Connections



All about our site and what we are doing to help protect the communities we engage in.

How we make it safe

In order to provide a safe space for the community, Altlife.Community has various checks and balances in place. These include:

  • Zero-tolerance policy on inappropriate, abusive, toxic and hateful behaviour;
  • 24/7 Human moderation of the site (including profile vetting, member reporting systems and content reporting systems);
  • Ability to chat, network and meet new people with similar interests all in one space, without the need to provide personal contact information or other traceable social media contacts;
  • Access to free and paid educational resources so that members can learn how to keep their own safety online in mind; and
  • ID verification so that we can vet profiles to ensure members are of age and aren’t scammers/bot accounts.

What features are available

The Community platform offers a range of various features to support the community and allow for the community to engage not only in their local areas, but worldwide. This is because we recognize that not all societies, cultures and places demonstrate tolerance and acceptance for those living and engaging in alternative lifestyles and Therefore, We seek to provide everyone the opportunity to connect with others who are like-minded in a safe and inclusive environment, where there is no shame, hate or judgement.

Features of the site include:

  • Profile creation
  • Newsfeed
  • Groups
  • Forum
  • Friend requests/lists
  • Search/Browse function
  • Blogs
  • Video/photo albums
  • Educational resources (and e-learning) (coming soon)
  • Onsite/in-app messenger (IM, group chat, video and phone calling)
  • Internal mailbox
  • Events/Calendar
  • Business Directory/Reviews
  • Member/content reporting
  • Online store (coming soon)


Altlife.Community offers both free accounts and paid memberships. Paid memberships have exclusive access to features on the site. You can read more about the comparison between paid and free membership in our Membership Information.


Alt Life Community (ABN: 28 748 299 394 )

Address: 414/10 Village Place Kirrawee, New South Wales, Australia

Phone: +61 401 643 335