Private Photos/Videos Access

    Our platform has just introduced a new and improved way to manage permissions and access to private albums. Now, users have complete control over who can view their private content, as each individual photo or video in a private album must be requested and approved by the album owner. This means that users no longer have to rely on blanket approvals and have more autonomy over who can view their private photos and videos.

    Additionally, it's worth mentioning that the process is not reciprocal and granting someone access to your private content does not automatically give them access to yours. This ensures that each user's privacy is respected and protected.

    Also, as a reminder, all types of content that are considered sexy, bare chest, or NSFW must be placed in private albums and will be reviewed by Admin before they can be made available to the public, this is in compliance with our policies.

    With our new system in place, you can confidently share your private content with the people you trust, knowing that you have complete control over who can view it.


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