Uploading Photos/Videos

    Uploading photos and videos doesn't have to be a chore! With the right steps in place, you can ensure that your photos and videos are in the correct albums with the correct privacy settings. So why not take a few moments and get your albums organised? It's the best way to ensure your photos and videos are seen by the right people!


    To Upload a Photo:

    Click on the plus sign to begin adding photos. 



    To Upload a video (from your device):

    to upload a video from your device you must click the arrow upload button NOT the plus sign. 


    To Upload a video from Youtube or Vemeo:

    Click on the plus sign to share a video from YouTube or Vemeo


    Once this is uploaded you will then have the option of putting your photos and videos into different categories and levels of privacy. Please see the below images. 


    Public - Everyone

    This is for photos and videos that are Safe For Work (think G-rating or ask yourself if a child saw this would that be ok? If the answer is no - then it doesnt become your profile avatar or go into this category or privacy level)


    Public - Friends Only

    This is for photos and videos that are Safe For Work or Not Safe For Work (think would my friends be OK with seeing this? If the answer is NO then it does not go into this album either).


    Private - Private

    This is for ALL NSFW or friends (Not Safe For Work or Friends) - Ask yourself:

    1. Is it suitable for children? if the answer is NO, then it goes in this album. 

    2. Would it make some of my friends uncomfortable if they saw it? - if the Answer is YES, then it goes in this album!!!


    ALL photos and videos will be approved before they are visible on the site. 

    Admin and Moderators will move photos that dont meet the Public test into the Private area. 



    We have a range of categories that users can add photos to to help sort them into areas. if you have suggestions for additional category types please reach out to us. 


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