Privacy Settings

    On our platform, we understand the importance of giving our users control over their privacy. That's why we've created a range of privacy settings that can be applied across the site. Whether it's your main site feed, stories, groups, profile, or photos and videos, you have the power to control who can see your content.

    For example, when posting to the main site feed, you can choose whether your post is visible to Everyone or just Friends Only. Additionally, you can set your story to be visible to Everyone or just Friends Only. You can also create a group that is Public, Private or Restricted, depending on the level of privacy you want for that group.

    In addition to these privacy settings, there are also specific rules around NSFW content. NSFW images that are posted to the public area must be edited by an admin, and if posted in the wrong privacy setting, can be edited by you to change the privacy setting.

    And for your profile, you can change your privacy setting on your profile and who can view it, and also change the privacy level for the poke feature.


    We have also added categories to our photos and videos section. This allows you to organize your content into different categories and gives your friends an easier way to find the content they're looking for. And the privacy settings are in line with the rest of the platform: Public (Everyone) for safe for work content and Public (Friends Only) or Private for NSFW content and other content you want members to request permission to view.

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