Download The Apps

    We are excited to announce the launch of our apps. There are two apps that you can download for both iOS and Andriod. 

    Firstly is the Altlife.Community app which is our site app and contains most of the features you can access on the website. A couple of features we will be looking to make available in the next phase of app development for example chatroom and going live. 

    Secondly, is the Altlife.Chat app which is our messenger app for you to vchat with friends, create chat groups, phone/video chat etc. 


    Download the Altlife.Community App:

    For iOS users: Altlife.Community    

    For Andriod users: Altlife.Community   


    Download the Altlife.Chat App:

    For iOS users: Altlife.Chat

    For Andriod users: Altlife.Chat



    The apps are brand new and may still have some glitches. If you do notice anything not working properly please reach out to us at

    To celebrate the launch of our apps, new users can access for the full site and features for free for a limited time. Exisiting free members can upgrade to our App Launch Membership, which will expire on 1 January 2023.

    You can manage your subscriptions and members in the Manage Subscription page




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