Membership Packages

    At Altlife, we understand that everyone has different needs and preferences, which is why we've created three main packages for our users to choose from. Once you've completed verification, you'll have the option to choose from:

    1. Free Membership: This is our standard, no-cost option that offers basic features and access.
    2. Community and Connections Membership: This package is for users who are looking for additional features and access with no restrictions, as well as the added connections features such as "Meet Me," gifts, and profile searching.
    3. Lifetime Membership: This is our lifetime package, access all the featues of the site, you would get from our COmmunity and Connections Membership BUT be able to access all of these for life.** 

    You'll be able to manage your subscriptions by visiting the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the site.

    If you'd like to become a paid member. Please be sure to read our Membership Payment Policy for more information.

    We've also taken into consideration feedback from our other platform, and have made sure that free members still have access to certain areas and can message and chat with friends without any limitations. However, some features may be restricted. As we add new features to the site, the restrictions will be updated accordingly.

    Here's a breakdown of the features and access that come with each package:

    Feature Free Membership Community and Connections Membership
    Profile ✅Full Access ✅Full Access
    Invite Friends ✅Full Access ✅Full Access
    Photos/Video ⛔Limited to 20 photos and 5 videos ✅Full Access
    Boop Feature ⛔Limited Access ✅Full Access
    Altlife.Forum ✅Full Access ✅Full Access
    Altlife.Blog ✅Full Access ✅Full Access
    Altlife.Groups ⛔Limited to creating 2 group ✅Full Access
    Altlife.Events ✅Full Access ✅Full Access
    Altlife.Directory ✅Full Access ✅Full Access
    Altlife.Store ✅Full Access ✅Full Access
    Altlife.Education ✅Full Access ✅Full Access
    Private Messages ⛔Restricted to 10 messages to non-friends per day and unlimited to friends ✅Full Access
    Altlife.Connections ❌No access ✅Full Access
    Altlife.Chat ⛔Can't video/phone chat or send files ✅Full Access

    Membership costs are similar to our other platform, and you'll have the option to pay either yearly or monthly for the Community and Connections Membership. All payments on the site are in USD.

    To access membership on a mobile device, simply visit the subscription page located in the drop-down menu next to your avatar. You'll be able to view all available packages by swiping across the screen.



    Please note that the information above is accurate as of 5 March 2023, and is subject to change based on future developments and updates.

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