User and Profile types

    Welcome to the colorful and diverse world of Altlife.Community! Our platform is made up of a variety of different user and profile types, each with their own unique characteristics and access levels.

    Profile Types:

    • Individual: These are personal profiles set up by individuals on the site. Access levels vary depending on membership type (free/Community/Community and Connections).
    • Business: These are profiles created by businesses and organizations on the site. Business profiles have some restrictions, but also have access to features that personal accounts don't. However, these accounts are not to be used for personal use or interactions. Using a business account for personal use is against our terms of use.

    User Types:

    • Unverified: Users who have not undergone age verification
    • Free account: Users who have verified their account and have a free membership with some restrictions on access to features.
    • Community member: Users who have a paid community membership and have unlocked community features.
    • Community & Connections member: Users who have a paid community & connections membership and have unlocked both community and connections features of the site.
    • Business: Users who have a business account on the site
    • Educator: Users who have been approved as educators and are able to create free/paid E-learning courses
    • Site Moderator: Users who have moderator functions and access to keep certain areas of the site safe, such as moderating groups, forums, blogs, and photo/video approval.
    • Administrator: Users who have moderator and admin functions and access to areas to help keep the site safe, including approving photos/videos, ID verification, investigating user reports and moderating the site.
    • Senior Administrator: Users who have senior moderator and admin functions and have access to the same areas as site moderators and admin staff, but can also ban, restrict and delete user accounts.
    • Site Owners: The founders of the site and have godlike super admin powers, manage all aspects of the site including financial affairs, moderating staff and running the company.

    Each user type has a badge, you can view the different types of user badges in the User Badge FAQ. As the site and community grows, we may expand on profile and user types based on demand from the community. So, get ready to dive into an exciting and dynamic world of different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.

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