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on March 16 2022 at 11:31 AM
Please make sure you adhere to the following rules relating to the forum. This should be read in conjunction with our Terms of Service and Social Standards Policies.
Please be aware that forums are moderated 24/7 by real people and any topics, posts, comments or replies that breach our forum rules or site policies will be removed and you may be restricted from accessing the forum for a period of time.
If you would like to be a forum moderator please get in contact with us.
  • DON'T FRIEND REQUEST anyone without asking  first. - consent consent consent
  • DON'T PRIVATE MESSAGE anyone without asking first. - consent consent consent
  • Topics should be placed under appropriate categories - if your topic is posted under an incorrect heading it will be removed;
  • Comments/replies should be relevant to the category and forum topic being discussed. If you want to create a new discussion on a different topic, please create a new topic under the appropriate category. 
  • Topics, Posts, Comments and Replies MUST comply with all our site policies specifically: Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Social Standards policy
  • Do not post anything that could be deemed offensive, hate speech, derogatory, discriminatory, abusive, toxic, misleading, unsafe, bullying, harassing, threatening etc;
  • Do not provide medical advice or treatment advice (referring someone to seek medical assistance is allowed);
  • Be respectful and mindful of each other and others opinions, experiences, cultures etc;
  • Report any behaviour that is inappropriate or possibly in breach of the sites policies and the forum rules;
  • No spamming;
  • No solicitation (including but not limited to links or handles to OF or similar sites unless otherwise approved);
  • No unsolicited business promotions in the forums, unless in the designated and approved areas.
These rules will be updated from time to time. 
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