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on November 01 2023 at 01:29 PM
A bit of a rant but also wanting to start a discussion and thread to share recommendations and ideas.
So, women's fashion has come a long way thanks to the body positivity movement.
There a lot more options available to female body types for many things, it is still lacking but at least plus size women aren't having to wear tents as clothing and there are brands coming out with sexy lingerie etc. 
However, there appears to be a significant lacking in the sex appeal of plus size mens clothing and costumes. There is a huge gap in the fashion industry when it comes to more erotic clothing for the dad bods! 
Looking for an erotic outfoit for Sir for an upcoming erotic ball and all I could find for his body type was jocks and socks... that was the idea of "erotic" for the plus size man?  No sexy harnesses, or mesh tops etc. 
Or the more kink friendly erotic outfits are leather community, submissive style or part of the gay community. Sir is not part of any of these. He is very much a crisp smart suit and that air of authority that makes me melt kind of dresser and i find that erotic..... But suits are not allowed at this event 🙄
Unless this is lacking of plus size erotic mens clothing here in Australia?
Do other countries have access to more options? 
If you were going to an erotic ball and the dress code was: erotic, see-through, leather, kink, lingerie, sexy (no suits or shirt and pants) what would you recommend for the plus size gentleman?
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