Apps are here!!!!

on October 24 2023 at 07:43 PM
Glad to announce our site app Altlife.Community was approved today for iOS and Andriod. 
While still new I do expect to come across some bugs/glitches so make sure to email or message me directly if you encounter any problems with the apps so we can record and pass on to our App development team to fix. 
iOS App:
Andriod App:
The Apps feature most of functions as the website apart from a couple the main ones being Chatroom and going Live. These we are scheduling for phase 2 of app development. 
New verified users joining the site as part of our App Launch will enjoy an extended free trial period until 1 January 2024. After which  free trials will become obsolete and new verified users will join as a free member. 
We have a Manage Membership link in the main menu. So new or existing users keen to help ensure we keep our dedicated server running and continue with App and Web updates and developments, can still access our paid membership options. This is also where you manage your subscriptions. 
I am so very excited because getting an adult only BDSM/Kink social platform as an App can be difficult but the checks and balances we have put in place around consent, NSFW content and ID verification I believe has helped create an environment which allows users to be more than their kinks and sexual objects. 
Look out for our social media.aboit the apps and don't forget to invite your friends. 
Owner, Founder and all round BOSSLADY of Altlife.Community
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