Live Streaming

    Live Streaming for Education

    To ensure that access to education and educational material is more accessible, we are also bringing in Live Streaming for educational purposes.


    Personal Live Streaming

    We have enabled social live streaming for paid users. You will be able to live stream gaming, social discussions etc. We have a range of categories for social live streaming to choose from. Please be mindful of NSFW content being in the correct privacy category. 


    Live Stream Recordings

    All Live Streams will be recorded - we have added categories for the types of live streams. If you miss a live stream, you can go back and rewatch it and add comments etc. 

    This means that live streams will be able to continue to generate discussion and education after the live has occurred as well. 

    Some Basic Information

    The following is some basics regarding rules regarding live streaming - we will be expanding this more specifically in our Terms and Conditions and policies in the future

    • Users can Report a live to Admin
    • Admin can and will moderate comments on lives and recorded lives.
    • Admin can stop a Live stream immediately if it is in breach of our Social Standards Policy or Terms and Conditions. The Stream will not be recorded or saved if it is ended by Admin. 
    • You can share the live video to different areas or members on the site.
    • You can comment on a recorded live video as well as during the live
    • Live streams can be public or private 
    • At the moment live streams are capped at 2hours
    • Live streaming should still be Safe for Work - this does not include educational webinars (talking about sexual activities, demonstrating BDSM toys, showcasing toys etc is acceptable) -
    • NSFW live streaming graphic sexual acts MUST be added as friends only or private, any live streams that are NSFW and public will be shit down and the user banned from live streaming. Any illegal activities etc are not permitted.
    • Any content that might be triggering should have a TW label in the live stream title - eg: TW: pregnancy loss discussion/ CW: sexual assualt discussion


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