Events for the Community

    Welcome to Altlife.Events! We are a community-focused events calendar that helps keep everyone engaged and connected. Our calendar allows verified users to comment, reply, and RSVP to events and add their own events for approval by site admin/moderators.


    Depending on your member type, you may have different restrictions.  

    Member Type Restrictions
    Unverfied Members Read Access Only
    Free Members Comment/Reply/RSVP/create 5 events
    Paid Members Full Access
    Business Accounts Full Access
    Educators Full Access

    The purpose of the calendar is to allow users, businesses, and educators to post events for the community to connect, learn, and engage.

    Events can be both in-person or online, for social outings, large events, and expos, and all events are vetted/verified by site admin to confirm they are not duplicates.

    Events Calendar is set up to bring up events near you and your timezone, and events can be reported if they are inappropriate, false, or misleading. Events can also be set as public or private, and the events you RSVP to will show up in your profile page.



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